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    Rub to Reveal amazing recipes using Marmite bottle.

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    3 years ago

    AR Comics!!



    Seeing as how we’re only days away from the San Diego Comic Con (where our CEO Brian will be on a panel with First Comics!), we thought we’d let you know about this book that our friends at Layar brought to our attention.

    This AR comic, entitled SVK, was written by the inimitable Warren Ellis and features art by Matt “D’Israeli” Brooker.

    What’s so special about it? Well….

    “Through its protagonist Thomas Woodwind, SVK weaves a tale of two realities — the black-and-white, here-and-now surface of the world, and the unspoken thoughts that exist in the ur-space between the story’s characters. The interplay of direct perception and intraception are cleverly exposed through the book’s use of a special UV printing ink that only becomes visible under ultraviolet light, for which BERG have supplied a small UV torch. In SVK, there’s the world apparent to the naked eye, and then there’s the unseen layer of meaning all around, waiting to be discovered by the well-prepared reader.”

    Click on the link and check it out.




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    3 years ago

    Word’s First Augmented Reality Kids’ Clothing

    This clothing for children incorporates augmented reality technology. It was designed and developed by creative agency, Brothers and Sisters.

    (Source: youtube.com)