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    Raspberry Pi, Your Next $25 Computer Synth? First Hacks Appearing

    Apple may have started the conversation about the “post-PC” age. But part of what this means is that a “computer” doesn’t necessarily have to be something costing hundreds of dollars, in a conventional desktop or laptop form factor. It could look more like the Raspberry Pi, at US$25 and squeezed into a tin of mints.

    Suddenly, all those years of music software development are liberated from the big, pricey boxes on which we’ve run them all these years.

    The Raspberry Pi Synthesizer blog documents a project dedicated to this particular device, with a clever UI and yes, even polyphony. There’s a terrific phase distortion demo above.

    Eben Upton (PopTech Iceland) invented the Raspberry Pi, an ultra-low cost, credit card-sized computer. We’re releasing his PopTech Iceland talk soon, so stay tuned!

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    Raspberry PI


    The Raspberry Pi project is a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide a cheap computer. And by cheap, I mean a fully functional $25 computer. The intention is to provide such cheap computers for educational purposes. Personally, it’s size, low power consumption, and price makes it ideal for projects: a brain for an Arduino (Which itself costs more then the R-Pi), a media center, a jukebox, or any other of a host of projects others have previously thought up (such as a NES emulator). I am very excited for this product to go into mass production, and I plan to get my hands on one of the units as soon as their backlog is cleared.

    rasberry Pi